RNA3 – RE: Sustained Attacks on INTELCASTER.COM, ITNT.NEWS

Alert Timestamp: 2020/1/31 – 11.48 am GMT+8

From the Admins of INTELCASTER.COM and ITNT.NEWS:

On January 30, 2020, an attack was initiated against the INTELCASTER.COM and ITNT.NEWS domains, shortly after the following report was published at both websites:

Kurdish News Articles Seem to Confirm that “New” ISIS Leader Abdullah Qardash Disappeared in 2017, Just Like I’ve Been Saying the Entire Time.

Located at:

The nature of the attack also results in us not having access to the back-end of both websites. Not because there was a breach (passwords, admin IDs) but because traffic is sent into a persistent ‘loop to nowhere’, which makes browsers interpret it the wrong way by stating that the websites are not online.

As was the case during the previous attack, basically identical in nature, the censors were apparently triggered when other websites started to distribute the above report.

Depending from where you try to visit both of our websites, they may or may not be accessible. This happened as well during the previous attack.

In case you live in a region where you can’t access our websites at this moment, please go to the From the Trenches World Report website where the above report about the “new” ISIS leader is available: fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/kurdish-news-articles-seem-to-confirm-that-new-isis-leader-abdullah-qardash-disappeared-in-2017-just-like-ive-been-saying-the-entire-time/261320

Obviously, our efforts to uproot the false ISIS 2.0 narratives are being taken serious by those who seek to deceive the public and also for that reason we will continue our fights against the control grid syndicate. No matter how many times they try to sabotage our work and no matter how evil those individuals are.

They know their time is running out because a true Resistance is forming. A Resistance that is aware of the “Limited Hangout MO” – and we are seeing right through it all!


Given that this is the second series of attacks in just over a month, we urge everyone to copy and archive all of our reports and articles on both websites. Make sure you have copies of everything that we put online, and help us spread that information beyond the censors.

As we have pointed out, through the DISAD Network, peer-to-peer solutions for online content are going to become the standard, no longer the exception.

To learn more about this and to get involved in DISADNET P2P, read the following DISADNET update: Survival of the Resistance Depends on “Distributed Information” (P2P) Solutions

Contact us via email: contact@intelcaster.com and contact@itnt.news

Arthur F. Wayne