No-Fly List & No-Fly Accords

May 21, 2014 – Round-op Alpha S.I.N.G.J.A.

International Announcement, for Immediate and Unlimited Distribution

Today the Round-op Alpha headquarters were informed about a new initiative that was launched yesterday, May 20, 2014. The initiative involves the implementation, and enforcement, of a no-fly strategy for the R-oA2014-listed individuals. The idea is to “box ’em in” as it is stated by the initiators of the initiative, going by the name the Keenan Team.

Round-op Alpha is of the opinion that this initiative, as proposed on May 20, is certainly a good strategy and as is to be expected will require patience and the assistance of like-minded people and activist formations from around the world in order to be successful, just like it is the case for the initial Round-op Alpha operations.

Keenan’s no-fly list is based on the R-oA2014 list which is a perfect starting point for setting up such no-fly list because a large number of key figures are on this list. Round-op Alpha is aware, and the Keenan Team as well from what we understand, that the list can indeed be expanded to an even higher number of individuals, in the course of time more names will be added to the R-oA2014 list but it is important to mention that those already listed are the ones with the most influence in the public arena, although there are more, because one doesn’t get invited to attend, lets say, the Bilderberg meetings when one doesn’t have a lot of influence in his or her country of residence and or business. That is the whole idea behind the Bilderberg meetings, many people know this by now.

The no-fly list and no-fly accords are not a Round-op Alpha initiative. We do however, in its current format, feel supportive for the initiative. More so because it is exactly through such sort of initiatives organized by others that our and thus their (your) operations can succeed, combined the power will increase exponentially. We do admit that we are pleased to see that we can inspire the people out there to start taking action, even those whose organizations and operations are around longer than our own. A copy of the current, May 20, no-fly list and accords can be consulted and downloaded here.

“Israeli President’s Plane Refused Entry to Swedish Airspace en Route to Norway”

On May 11, 2014, an incident occurred whereby Israeli President Shimon Peres’ private jet flying from Israel to Norway was refused entrance into Swedish airspace. Peres was flying with a private jet hired through the Israeli Kishrey Teufa (Kishrei Te’ufa) company, located at 2 Nirim Street in Tel Aviv, Israel. Kishrei Te’ufa is directly linked to Israel’s El Al Airlines (reported in 2004) which continues to be headed by members of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It is thus not unthinkable that Kishrey Teufa (Kishrei Te’ufa) also has links to the Mossad.

Kishrey Teufa is part of Aviation Links ltd. (El Al) which – along with NICE Systems, the IDF, Generali, American Express, A-Online Capital, Jordan Valley Semiconductors, SICOR, Shladot, Camtek, Israel Prison Authority, Polyram, Harel Finance, Maman, Tech Data and MDT Armor – uses software provided by the Israeli ProcessGene.



The reason why Peres didn’t announce his flight through the regular channels, the Israeli embassy in Sweden, remains unclear. It would however be very pleasing to see this kind of incidents more often or even on a regular basis, due to pressure from Round-op Alpha operations and initiatives such as the mentioned no-fly list. We are not claiming in any way that the incident was caused through pressure from us or our activities, we only point out that this is what we need to see. That the R-0A2014-listed individuals are being forced into very unpleasant and even embarrassing situations. Hopefully we can soon, together with millions of people, successfully enforce policies such as no-fly lists for these real terrorists and war criminals, the irony for them couldn’t be any more appropriate and explicit.