Detention Facility for Sale: Round-op Alpha Responds to Multnomah County’s Request for Interest (RFI)

June 3, 2014 – Round-op Alpha S.I.N.G.J.A.

International Announcement, for Immediate and Unlimited Distribution

UPDATE 1: “Under the terms of the RFI, public information requirements, and a media request, the responses to the Wapato Facility RFI will be released to today and posted to the website as part of the regular Tuesday update.  This is a courtesy notice.Thank you for your interest and response. Mike” – Wapato.RFI.2014

wapato, oregon, Multnomah County, prison, detention, for sale

Round-op Alpha was recently made aware of Multnomah County’s request for interest (RFI) in relation to the Wapato detention facility (Portland, Oregon, USA) that is currently available on the market, for sale.

Since we have an exceptional list containing several hundreds of individuals that urgently need to be brought in front of a court or tribunal, in order for justice to be served adequately, we are of the opinion that it would be a good idea to send in our submission, in response to Multnomah County’s call to interested parties to acquire the property.

It would be a true waste of resources should this facility not be used for which it was built in 2004, to house 525 real convicts.

Of course we know that it is very unlikely that Multnomah County will take our response serious or even take time to read or consider it. Anyway, we feel it is our duty to inform them that we are interested in acquiring this detention facility, after all, it’s not every day that a prison is for sale.

For those people who are not sure: No we don’t have $108 million available ourselves to actually buy this property but in the event that we should actually have a chance at acquiring it, investors cannot be too hard to find for this very exclusive business concept.

It was actually more of a creative exercise to see what we can come up with and we got carried away in the process. Although deep inside we really hope to buy this detention facility, a special place for special individuals.

wapato, oregon, Multnomah County, prison, detention, for sale