About Round-op Alpha

Round-op Alpha was incorporated on April 6, 2014, as a special international non-governmental justice agency (S.I.N.G.J.A).

In order to enable (an) effective operation(s) by Round-op Alpha, and given the exceptional nature of our purpose, it is imperative that we operate as a sovereign agency (community) under international law. This provides us with an enforceable jurisdiction over our own activities which together with our sovereignty must be respected by any and all sovereign nations, communities, organizations, entities, groups and individuals. In addition, it provides our Executive Board Members, Permanent Members and Representatives with more protection from interference by governments and intergovernmental/treaty organizations such as the EU, the UN and NATO.


Society is in need of change and while countless initiatives and “movements” have yet to produce any significant results, time is passing by and change is not arriving. Given the nature and expectations of any previous initiatives in recent history it is only to be expected that the “change” that many people want is just beyond reach, if not an illusion, since the core of the problems has never been addressed, ever.

Ask yourself. How many demonstrations and marches have been organized in the last decade alone? How many of those were actually successful? Assuming that there were any successful initiatives at all. How have these changed anything in society?

After all, the same group of people is still in charge. The same group of people still makes the laws and the same group of people still wages wars. Add to this undeniable fact that most of the people in the world haven’t got the slightest idea where money comes from, how it is created and what the actual value of it is and it becomes clear why corruption, for example, is still prevalent.

It is therefore that a growing group of private individuals, government officials and (non) (for) profit organizations from around the world recognizes that in order to achieve real change real action has to be undertaken.

Namely: the arrest of those politicians, corporate executives, scientists, opinion makers, military and religious leaders and financiers who are responsible for instigating and maintaining wars; murdering of millions of innocent people by governments and corporations; upholding of national and international fraudulent monetary constructions that deprive the people of wealth and rights; willful engineering of the Earth’s climate and weather patterns in order to have the world population sign on to fraudulent sustainability policies; eco-terror and eco-warfare; enforcing of deadly vaccine and related and equally deadly health programs; high-profile pedophilia, sex and human trafficking; willful societal perversion through entertainment and news distribution; high-profile brigandage; corruption; blackmailing and extortion.

Round-op Alpha is not just an idea that has been growing for a long time. As you read this, concrete action plans are ready and new ones are being drawn while actual formations are being forged and ready to be deployed.

This list, R-oA2014, summarizes the names of those deceptive individuals, who all actively and knowingly conspire in well-planned efforts and constructions to consolidate power and resources – with the intention to establish a world government which would provide them with full immunity from any form of prosecution regarding their past and future crimes – and are therefore, according to Round-op Alpha, collectively guilty of the aforementioned crimes against humanity.

Given the exceptional nature and extent of the operation – one that has never been organized before as far as recorded history tells us – we, Round-op Alpha, are aware that governments, courts and intergovernmental organizations and agencies will not request/order such arrests on their own, nor will they call for the prosecution of the R-oA2014-listed individuals for the aforementioned crimes against humanity since these individuals hold (executive) positions in these (governing) bodies.

As a result thereof, those (governing) bodies can also no longer be regarded as effective representations of the general public, be it on the local, the national or the international level. The execution of the effective arrests of the R-oA2014-listed individuals shall therefore, in addition, represent the general public’s order to completely defund and dismantle the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the United Nations, the European Union (Federation) and all their Specialized Agencies and affiliated organizations; to ban the creation of any new international government and legislative/executive (monetary) (military) bodies; to reform local and national governments.

It is with this information in mind that we, Round-op Alpha, invite everyone and anyone in any part of the world to take part in the effective executions of the arrests of the R-oA2014-listed individuals.

Round-op Alpha is aware of the nature and amount of countermeasures that are being undertaken by those who are R-oA2014-listed, this however will not hold us back from completing our operation(s) since effective measures are being taken and a strong – unbreakable – alliance is being formed.

Contact us for more information and when you want to offer your help in any way and of any kind. Follow our website for further updates.