DISADNET P2P Now Online!

DISADNET Address (with Beaker): http://itnt.news/disadnetp2p

DISADNET Address (with Beaker): dat://a198bad8490a9a13bb9a6734dbbf79ad73dc843122e7b47b512f483bab5cff49

DISADNET – As we announced on January 27, the DISAD Network is being expanded with a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

Concretely, this means that aside from working on the http-based web (internet), DISADNET is now also working on the dat-based web.


To visit webpages on the http-based web people use any of the popular browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.

To access the dat-based network and website of DISADNET Beaker is the browser to use. You can download Beaker for free from the official Beaker website or through the Dat Protocol Foundation.


Where websites and online platforms on the http-based web, for most folks that’s the accessible internet as they know it, are more and more the target of sophisticated attacks – to censor and sabotage the Resistance – websites and online platforms on the dat-based web add another layer of protection against such attacks.

This is mainly because the dat-based web, unlike the http-based web, doesn’t work with centralized servers where websites their contents are stored. Instead, on the dat-based web, all visitors of a webpage, blog or website can also host (or ‘seed’) the content themselves. This is the core principle of peer-to-peer.

People hosting and sharing content themselves, without rogue elements being able to censor content or block domain names.

Build the Resistance, Expand the Peer-to-Peer Web

Get Beaker now. Help us reinforce the Resistance and expand the peer-to-peer web at the same time, by using the internet as you normally would – just from now on also with the Beaker browser.

This is how the Resistance is going to work anyway in the coming months and years and this is how the Resistance will survive on the internet.