DISADNET: Survival of the Resistance Depends on “Distributed Information” (P2P) Solutions

DISADNET – On January 25, 2020, the Twitter account of the Iranian FARS News Agency posted that the farsnews.com domain name had been blocked by the US Treasury Department.

The blocking of the domain name further feeds the escalating war between the governments of Iran and the US.

Considering the full situation, including the impact that this development will have also on the Resistance, the DISAD Network will be expanded with peer-to-peer information distribution solutions.


Instead of uploading data to servers to put content online, as most websites do, DISADNET will start to incorporate the dat peer-to-peer protocol. Dat:// enables anyone to publish webpages and content without any domain names that can be blocked or hosting providers and domain name registrars who can be pressured to take websites offline.

DISADNET P2P will reinforce the backbone of the Resistance, ensuring that DISADNET Partners’ content remains online regardless of the ongoing suppression of critical information and intelligence.

Beaker Browser

To help DISADNET build its peer-to-peer network, to protect and help expand the Resistance, we invite you to download the Beaker browser. Beaker is a free web browser that can process dat:// webpages, which are needed to distribute online content and information on the peer-to-peer web.

When Beaker and dat:// are new to you, visit the Beaker browser website to read through their easy to understand documentation.

Get familiar with Beaker because you’ll be needing it more and more, starting this year.

When you already know Beaker and are ready to help build DISADNET P2P contact us right away.

Final Note. At this point it doesn’t even matter anymore if you have a dedicated IP for your website or blog. Almost anything that is not dat protocol can be taken down or blocked. If they don’t have a reason now, they’ll find one for every individual case of content that bothers them.