DISADNET is Searching for Network Partners and Trainees Willing to Engage in Peaceful Information Warfare Activities

DISADNET – Decentralized Information Surveillance, Analysis and Distribution Network

1. Partners

Due to the escalating information war that is being waged against the public at large, globally, DISADNET is searching for Partners who want to remain fully independent as content creators and/or content outlets while working closely together with other independent resistance outposts, when such a need for cooperation arises.

As a DISAD Network Partner you remain an independent voice and outlet at all times. DISADNET is not involved in Partners their editorial policies.

As a DISAD Network Partner you can gain more recognition and credibility for yourself, or your organization, and the work that you are already doing anyway (without DISADNET).

As a DISAD Network Partner you will be able to rely on other independent resistance outposts who are also seeking a common ground with resistance outposts, like yours.

Additionally, all DISADNET Partners can rely on the RNA System whenever they become the target of attacks by people or organizations who want to silence and sabotage a Partner or their resistance outpost content.

For more information about the DISAD Network, read our About Page. To get in contact with DISADNET Administrators, visit our Contact Page.

2. Trainees

The True Resistance is the target of serious and highly advanced attacks, both by mainstream “opinion makers” and “alternative” media outlets their information warfare campaigns.

To be able to adequately counter these attacks DISADNET is launching a Trainee Program through which we want to prepare more people to effectively take part in the defense and expansion of the Resistance.

As a Trainee you will be exposed to the reality of information warfare and all its facets. This is a hardcore commitment and is therefore not suitable for everyone, due to the multi-layered nature of the 21st century information warfare machinations.

  • Learn how to steer through the information minefields.
  • Learn how to profile outlets, authors and publishers.
  • Learn how the information war really works, beyond “alternative” media content and narrative creation.
  • Learn to create and keep distance between yourself and a (popular) media person that you may be putting your trust in (too much).
  • Operate your own outpost: A website, blog or other channel that will be engaged in information warfare.
  • Help to expand the True Resistance.
  • Help to protect the credibility of the True Resistance.

For more information about the DISAD Network, read our About Page. To get in contact with DISADNET Administrators, visit our Contact Page.

Becoming a Partner and/or Trainee is always free of charge. As DISADNET further expands, donation options will be made available in order to be able to carry the expenses associated with operating the DISAD Network – including website domain and hosting and staff for DISADNET administrative work.

Peaceful information warfare activities: Activities that do not call for or encourage violence or destruction of property.